Not long to go now!

Well, 2 weeks and 6 days to be precise….and it seems to be galloping towards us rather quickly.

Most of you will have had the dubious pleasure of reading the first ‘pre’ blogs for our aborted trip 21/2 years ago.

In case you didn’t….let us introduce ourselves and fill you in on our story so far.

We are Anne (age 53 – specialist Speech and Language Therapist)  and Chris (59 – Maths Teacher) and we are hopefully going travelling for 10 weeks in October 2012, mainly to Australia and New Zealand.

We say hopefully, because we had a similar trip planned, due to depart on January 16th 2010, which we had to cancel when I was diagnosed with Cancer on January 13th!

Unpacking those bags was VERY depressing.

After 2 years of treatment, things are progressing well, so we have decided to be brave and rebook our trip, but as you can imagine, we have some trepidation about whether we will actually get onto the plane. Fingers crossed.

In the intervening years, exchange rates have not been kind to us.

Our original plan was to hire a very small car, and stay in Youth Hostels, cabins on campsites, and the occasional B&B as a treat. We would also have a tent and camp when necessary.

Now, in Australia, a night in a double room in a Youth Hostel is between £55 and £80, and a campsite cabin is about the same…way beyond our budget……so we have resigned ourselves to 9 weeks of fairly rough camping, with just a few treats.

Our new trip will be 4 weeks shorter, so we have cut out visiting Thailand and Malaysia en route, and will concentrate on Australia and New Zealand.

We have booked our flights, and some internal flights to help cover the huge distances. Where possible we fly at night, to save accommodation costs. We started looking for flights early, and registered with Jetstar, VirginAustralia and Tiger airways so we would be notified of sales and special offers. This enabled us to save hundreds of dollars on fares.

Our visas are sorted, and we think we have all the ‘equipment’ that we want to carry with us.

My Kindle is a welcome addition to our kit, something which didn’t exist in 2010!

In general we will have to cut down on what we take, firstly to make room for some camping kit – more of that in future blogs – and secondly because this has turned into a real ‘Backpacking’ trip, so we will have to carry it! My surgery means I am not supposed to carry much on one shoulder…..tricky with a rucksack!

We have been doing lots of  more detailed planning, both for the content of the trip itself, AND organising things like paying the bills at home, while we are away!

This first blog is really to test this system – hopefully future blogs will be more interesting!

We hope to use them both to keep family and friends updated on our adventures, but also to provide useful information for other travellers.

Feedback is very welcome! Now, off to do a bit more planning!

Anne and Chris X

About anneandchrisb

Anne, 59....Specialist Speech and Language Therapist who always wants to be exploring and enjoying different cultures and cuisines. Warmth and Food are big magnets! Chris, 65 ...Maths and Science teacher, really keen to discover new countries, new continents and have the freedom and time to enjoy them. Boris, 11 ... our Renault Master Campervan.... an indispensable member of the team!
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